One-Shot: The Grand Adventure (Cypher System)

Crash, Beth, Ellie, Io, and Jen dive into Cypher System with a 1-shot where everyone plays a grandparent on their way to a lunch buffet.

Download this published one-shot here:

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One-Shot: Totally Real Human Adults

Jen reprises their role of GM while Beth, Crash, and Ellie play a single, real human who is certainly not a raven, chipmunk, and octopus in a trench coat.

#Podcast #ActualPlay

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D&D One-Shot: Tiefling Escape

BABY TIEFLING ESCAPEJen takes on the mantle of Dungeon Master for the first time, with the rest of us playing toddlers in search of candy. Chaos ensues.

#DnD #Podcast #ActualPlay

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