Pack Tactics S4 Ep 11: Cleanup Crew

The party has found their ship’s crash site! Unfortunately, someone else found it first.

#DnD #Podcast #ActualPlay

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Crash’s Course Ep 02: D&D Club

Hello and welcome to Crash’s Course, a short form podcast where I share my thoughts and advice on playing and running tabletop role playing games.

This episode is for anyone out there who wants to start a D&D club. It’s something I’ve done, something I’m currently doing, and, oddly enough, something I’ve been asked about. Continue reading “Crash’s Course Ep 02: D&D Club”

One-Shot: Kobolds In Space

Kobolds In SpaceCrash, Beth, Ellie, and Jen get together and play a rules-lite game about kobolds visiting a distant planet. #Podcast #ActualPlay

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Cause & Effect Ep 14: Time Share

Thank you, everyone, for taking part in this wonderful opportunity to own a small piece of land for a limited amount of time in Fantasy Florida!

… be warned, there still might be a plot.

#DnD #Podcast #ActualPlay

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Cause & Effect Ep 13: Intermission

Sooo … this is either a “between arcs” shopping session, we joke around for almost 2 hours, or both.

It can be both.

#DnD #Podcast #ActualPlay

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