ElekkCraft is primarily a modpack for members of Elekk.xyz (A Mastodon instance), though you might like it as well.

The goal is to have a modpack that’s (relatively) lightweight but contains tech (Mekanism, ActuallyAdditions, and more), magic (Thaumcraft, Blood Magic), and community building (via Minecolonies and Millénaire).

As more mods are added there has been some level of creep in regards to the “lightweight” requirement, which might be fixed in future releases.

You can find this modpack by searching for “ElekkCraft” in the Twitch Launcher or downloading it off of CurseForge.

Legacy Modpack List:

Several videos we made used an unofficially cobbled together collection of mods and linked here to say what they were. This list is only here for those videos.

Due to licensing restrictions we will not be releasing this as a downloadable mod pack, but here are the mods that we’re currently using on our 1.7.10 server. This list is subject to change.