Council of Races

The Council is a governing body made up of representatives from most of the sentient species who helped to overthrow the Empire over a thousand years ago.

The Council does not handle the day-to-day management of the various governing bodies throughout the “main” continent but rather steps in when two or more of those governments express a grievance. If things cannot be resolved through negotiation, the Council can allow the more war-like governments to intervene without repercussions. This results in a short and bloody redistribution of wealth, so most governments choose to play nice or, at the very least, keep their backstabbing to themselves.

The Council itself is made up of three representatives from each participating sentient species, selected from the various governments that they maintain. In cases where a government includes more than one sentient species, the most common species is the default. (It is acknowledged that this is not a perfect system, and debate has been going on for longer than the Council has existed to determine a more equitable strategy.

Currently the Council consists of the following factions:

  • Elves (also expected to speak for the Kenku, who mostly reside in the elf-controlled country of Skel’Var)
  • Dwarfs
  • Gnomes
  • Humans (also expected to speak for the Dragonborn, who mostly reside in a single town just outside Dei Perfecta)
  • Orcs (also expected to speak for goblins and ogres, as many reside among the orc clans)

Tieflings, goliaths, gnolls, giants, and kobolds also exist on Circulus but are not represented for a variety of reasons.