Ansel Bardiya

Baron and First Druid of the Barony of Bardiya.

Ansel is somewhat overweight with a scraggly beard and constantly messed up (but not in an attractive way) hair. In short, he is not what you would expect from a powerful druid or baron. For the longest time, neither of these seemed likely. His druidic leanings had led to his father disowning him and for a long time he could only manage a few cantrips.

After a Starspawn invasion that left his druidic teacher and father transformed into monstrosities, Ansel saved his homeland with the help of a rag-tag band of adventurers. Since then he’s grown into the role and has turned his barony into the breadbasket of Karbomea, having turned the barony’s economy away from the heavy industry that was polluting it.

When he was an infant, his father and Mezire‘s father conspired to arrange a marriage between them. This has since been resolved amicably and their adjoining baronies enjoy a peaceful, platonic relationship.