Hit & Abyss Ep 023: Hands And Feet

Hit & Abyss LogoThe party visits Brin’s family.

“Everyone, please be on your very best behavior.”

*nervous cough*

“Does anyone here want to be punched?”

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Hit & Abyss Ep 022: Icarus

Hit & Abyss LogoThe party meets Mo the tiefling bard, finds their way into the palace, and discovers some double-crossing has been going on.

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Hit & Abyss Ep 021: The Weight of Living

Hit & Abyss LogoThe swarm of fish people and their interpreter have some exposition to share.

The players aren’t 100% happy with connections they’ve made.

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Hit & Abyss Ep 020: Pompeii

Hit & Abyss LogoAs things turn out, a volcano exploding is the least of the party’s worries.

No one in the party is particularly surprised.

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Hit & Abyss Ep 019: Home Again, Home Again

Hit & Abyss LogoMezire’s business having been settled, the party heads out to Erik’s homeland: Plantain. This episode introduces Milly as Page the kenku warlock and Cindy as Faehime the human monk.

(Warning: there are some over the top stereotypes here, but they are instigated by Erik himself, who in real life is Puerto Rican. The DM, not being Puerto Rican, isn’t going to tell Erik what he can and cannot do in that regard.)

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