Koomridge is a relatively small domain almost completely surrounded by mountains, with the only non-magical ways to enter involving a 1-3 day trip through the Gors, a mostly inhospitable swamp with a single well-maintained road, or through dwarf-carved tunnels. As the dwarfs tend to not be accepting of outsiders, most choose the swamp or to not visit at all.

Until roughly 20 years ago, it was also under a curse where any humanoid that died within its borders rose up as a zombie. Zombies that were killed rose up again, with the only method of killing them outright being incineration of the corpse.

Over the 100 years of this curse, the population moved entirely to cremation of their dead and developed a society focused on socialized medicine/healing magic as well as looking out for each other’s neighbors.

Lord Idris, the hereditary ruler of Koomridge, lives in the confusingly named town of Koomridge Keep. (Named for the actual keep that’s in the town.) The Keep was built at the border of the swamp to protect the farmland of the interior.

The other settlements include a town in the center of the domain named Clearspring, the dwarf settlement of Orestrike, and the Circle of Tails enclave built under a farm roughly a day’s journey from Koomridge Keep.