Critical Knowledge Ep 29: Chapel Chomp

A demonic, fire based giant worm has desecrated the nondenominational temple. This would not be as bad if the party wasn’t inside the temple at the time.

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Critical Knowledge Ep 28: Rewards

The party gets paid for their recent sewer adventure, and an orc paladin shows up looking for Jaren.

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Critical Knowledge Ep 27: Erik Has A Cupcake

Our thespians are ready to put on their play about Page and the 40,000 kenku warlock. Will they manage to avoid combat?

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Critical Knowledge Ep 26: Exile

After the events of last session, the people of Flotsam have asked the party to leave. Off to the city of Dei Perfecta!

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Critical Knowledge Ep 25: Show’s Over

Bindle was not impressed by the repeated incidents. If the party can’t find the source of the undead, their children’s theatre will be shut down.

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