Hit & Abyss Ep 021: The Weight of Living

Hit & Abyss LogoThe swarm of fish people and their interpreter have some exposition to share.

The players aren’t 100% happy with connections they’ve made.

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Pack Tactics S2 Ep 23: Deadlands

“We can, if you want, spend the rest of the evening RPing in the middle of a swamp with a bunch of kobolds.”

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Hit & Abyss Ep 020: Pompeii

Hit & Abyss LogoAs things turn out, a volcano exploding is the least of the party’s worries.

No one in the party is particularly surprised.

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Pack Tactics S2 Ep 22: Dead Dragon

“Marwyse is too distracted to stop concentrating.”

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How to Play a Zealot Without Starting the Crusades

When I created Gox, my barbarian Kobold, a fellow player suggested that I take Path of the Zealot. This turned out to be an excellent idea, because it is so much fun to play! The best thing about it is that your character doesn’t necessarily have to be a fanatical partisan¬†who is anxious to smite all those who follow other gods.

The first thing to do is find a god that feels right for your character. Gox started out following a god he barely knew anything about. He may have thought it was the god his clan followed. He was bigger than most Kobolds, and believed that this meant he was supposed to protect the weak. The god he was following didn’t quite match up with Gox’s ideals.

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