Cause & Effect Ep 24: Mutton Mystery

The following morning, the pieces have been picked up and the party begins investigating why a T-Rex sized sheep went on a rampage.

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Cause & Effect Ep 23: Off To The Races

While Aye is spending time with some sympathetic kobolds, the party chills in a bed and breakfast where surely nothing chaotic will happen.

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Cause & Effect Ep 22: Intermission

Everyone goes shopping, a super-powerful being pops in, and Aye needs something fixed.

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Cause & Effect Ep 21: Burning Man

The burning zombies need dealing with after they’ve been … dealt with. And then there’s the matter of what’s controlling them.

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Cause & Effect Ep 20: Swamp Excavation

Something burned and sank into the swamp. It’s full of zombies. The party investigates.

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