Cause & Effect Ep 18: Moon Crystals

The party hitches a ride to the moon with some familiar company to find a celestial musician has just woken up their quest item in a pond.

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Cause & Effect Ep 17: Broken Crystal

The party have been invited to a party! Also, Cogbucket Sr. has a quest for Cavil.

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Cause & Effect Ep 16: Empty Queue

Those wacky Oghmanite scientists are at it again! [Cue Laugh Track]

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Cause & Effect Ep 15: Kobold Sleepytime

The Kobold Union are literally dying of fright in their sleep. It’s Chadrick’s time to shine, and he hates this.

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Cause & Effect Ep 14: Time Share

Thank you, everyone, for taking part in this wonderful opportunity to own a small piece of land for a limited amount of time in Fantasy Florida!

… be warned, there still might be a plot.

#DnD #Podcast #ActualPlay

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