Critical Knowledge Ep 23: Groundhog Day

The party is putting on another children’s play. It’s a mix of Caddyshack and Groundhog Day, as interpreted by someone who hasn’t seen either movie.

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Critical Recovery Ep 27: Defense

Critical Recovery Logo The gnolls are arriving to lay siege to the village. Will the party prepare the goblins in time?

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Critical Knowledge Ep 22: Tower Defense

A third party has decided to intervene in the party’s quest to reach the top of the tower. The third party has a lot of undead.

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Pack Tactics S3 Ep 49: Investigation

The kobolds visit the local biomancer to see if he’s responsible for the recent “nopes” invasion.

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Pack Tactics S3 Ep 48: Undermine

The kobolds take their giant robots out for a test drive as the players play test rules for giant robots.

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