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Cogwheel Gaming was started because Eclipse, Crash, & Stormi enjoyed playing video games together and thought maybe others might like watching what they did. So far, so good.

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By day, Crash is a mild mannered technology teacher named Aaron “theartguy” Smith. By night, he’s a gamer who lies about being mild mannered by day. His interests include visual arts (his first degree), teaching, gamification, game based learning, project based learning, and finding out what the shiny button does.

Crash is known to make more YouTube videos than Twitch streaming sessions.





Eclipse, otherwise known as Matt, needs to finish writing his bio.

Eclipse is known to do more Twitch streaming sessions than YouTube videos.

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The wife of Crash, Stormi was featured in many of his videos in the past. In addition, she wasn known to do a stream or two. In fact, she was a lot more likely to be streaming than recording videos.

Stormi had Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and tended to be better than Crash in a lot of games, including but not limited to racing games and Minecraft PvP.

Stormi passed away on June 19, 2016. She is missed.

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Synrgy, otherwise known as Erik, needs to finish writing his bio.

Synrgy is one of the co-hosts on the Vote 2 Kick podcast.