Cause & Effect Ep 18: Moon Crystals

The party hitches a ride to the moon with some familiar company to find a celestial musician has just woken up their quest item in a pond.

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Pack Tactics S4 Ep 13: Getaway Lizard

Help comes from above, but a golden statue is in pursuit and Mauri’s having a breakdown.

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Cause & Effect Ep 17: Broken Crystal

The party have been invited to a party! Also, Cogbucket Sr. has a quest for Cavil.

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Pack Tactics S4 Ep 12: HighTemple

One does not simply walk into the city of HighTemple, unless your earth elemental ride gave out 1/2 a mile back.

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Crash’s Course Ep 05: Burnout

Hello and welcome to Crash’s Course, a short form podcast where I share my thoughts and advice on playing and running tabletop role playing games in roughly about 5 minutes.

In this episode I want to talk about that horrid thing that affects many a “Forever DM”: Burnout.

You know that pang of relief, mixed with guilt over that relief, that you might feel when a game session has to be canceled, so you spend the time instead playing a video game, reading a book, or staring into the endless void and pondering the futility of all you attempt to accomplish? Continue reading “Crash’s Course Ep 05: Burnout”