Critical Knowledge Ep 29: Chapel Chomp

A demonic, fire based giant worm has desecrated the nondenominational temple. This would not be as bad if the party wasn’t inside the temple at the time.

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Pack Tactics S3 Ep 56: Tracking

The kobolds find Sniv, but also another kobold who hasn’t been seen in quite some time.

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Pack Tactics S3 Ep 55: Politics

The kobolds hastily form a system of government, then investigate why a scouting mission would need 3 crates of sweet rolls.

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Critical Knowledge Ep 28: Rewards

The party gets paid for their recent sewer adventure, and an orc paladin shows up looking for Jaren.

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Pack Tactics S3 Ep 54: Missing Persons

The kobolds learn that Ingen has significant regrets about being in charge of the moon. Time to bring in one of the big guns.

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