Critical Recovery Ep 42: Departure

Critical Recovery Logo Argonia is made manifest in front of the party. It all comes down to this.

(This episode is much longer than normal – over 3 hours, in fact. I blame the fact that it’s mostly combat against a god. It was recorded during 3 different sessions spaced several weeks apart. I deliberately did not try to hide the seams between the sessions, as it helps to explain our moments of forgetfulness. Well … some of them.)

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Critical Recovery Ep 41: Showdown

Critical Recovery Logo Mox the kobold preps the party just before they fly through a maelstrom to enter a war zone.

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Critical Recovery Ep 39: Inconvenienced

Critical Recovery Logo A peace of sorts is made with Inquisitor Vosa. The rest of the Inquisitors do not agree.

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Critical Recovery Ep 38: Towerfall

Critical Recovery Logo The party went to a warlock’s tower to get the MacGuffins. The MacGuffins have opinions about this.

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