Medieval Fantasy City Generator

For some GM/DMs, sitting down to craft intricate maps of towns and cities is one of the best parts of world building for a homebrew campaign. For everyone else, there’s this little gem by user Watabou.

The interface is fairly simple, but if you don’t like the random map it makes for you there are a lot of tweakable options available. Is this a coastal town? Is there a river? Is there a protective wall? What color scheme would you like?

As an added bonus, when you mouse over structures on the map you get alt text telling you what part of town you’re looking at, whether its a slum, craftsmen quarter, temple, park, and so on.

Is this a place to which the party will return? You can export the map as a png or svg file. I prefer the svg format myself as it makes editing in Inkscape (Or Adobe Illustrator if you’re the kind of person who has money) much easier, though be warned that these svgs will have a LOT of shapes and might slow down older machines.

One downside is since the labeling is done with alt text it doesn’t carry over into the exported files, but since I intend to relabel most of my maps it isn’t much of a drawback for me. Other than that, I think I’ve found my new favorite tool for city and town adventures.