Stormi Transmog Progress

Stormi as of right now is how she looks in game in what I have of her Transmog pieces. I am gonna keep that blue belt that she has on for the finished piece. It’s a belt that I like better for the whole set than the one that is part of the actual recolored set.

Stormi’s Back is the cloak that I like to have go with this set. I think it works well with the outfit.

Aspiring to become this, partly. This is what I want Stormi to look like when finished, but not with that belt in this picture. At first I liked this belt with this outfit, but then I found that blue belt from how Stormi looks as of right now to look much better.

I will put a detailed post up later about what all pieces Stormi is wearing. The gloves in the last picture & the shoulders are gonna be the hardest for me to get as of right now due to me not raiding as much. The gloves come from DS & the shoulders from BoT. =/

Mousi Transmog Progress

The first Mousi picture was how she looked while just leveling. I didn’t really plan that set out, it just sort of happened. The chest piece is Azshara’s Dressing Gown from Archaeology & the shoulders are from a Quest Reward.

The Second Blue Mousi set is what I am trying to make now. She is not finished & her shoulders have yet to drop from Epoch Hunter in CoT’s Durnhold. Her head piece is also a work in progress & I will later write up a full detailed post of what all pieces she has on.