Elume Priest Transmog

Here is one Transmog set that I have put together for my Priest to wear. I think it fits for the season right now.

ChestMooncloth Robe – Tailoring 300 skill
ShouldersWings of the Avatar – Teir 5 Token – Void Reaver (The Eye)
BackCloak of the Everliving – Hellfire Ramparts (Heroic) – Watchkeeper Gargolmar
HandsGloves of Saintly Blessings – Karazhan – Attumen the Huntsman
StaffStaff of Divine Infusion – World Drop

The head piece is only in the last picture all the way to the right.
HeadArchmage Headpiece – World Drop

This is what Elume, my Disc/Holy Priest is wearing right now in game.

(Sorry for how the picture looks. It was my first time combining pictures like this using a photo editing program new to me. My husband did help with instructions. He teaches this type of stuff to his students.)

Flying Floating Foot Crown

So we were fighting the bugs that the Klaxxi told us to kill & this happened. That trap stayed on me for the rest of the day.
The hubby suggested to cast Levitate, so I did & that is what the second picture is of.

That day was very weird & the next few posts will show that.

Sunsong Ranch

So while I do my farming of crops on Sunsong, I sometimes see this happening.

I’m usually not attacking when this happens, so I’m not even sure what would happen if I would be attacking a mob & this other persons AOE goes off.

My 90 Frost Mage Mayjeannette sees a Paladins Consecration on the ground & my 90 Disc Priest Elume sees a Druids Mushrooms AOE spell go off on the farm.

I don’t have that Overgrown Lilypad item that the Rare Spawn Jinyu Sele’na drops to have a Druid ability, so that’s not it at all.

I’ve already had Stormi my Resto Druid heal Bloodworms while on my farm at Sunsong, so the phasing here is really to me, questionable.

Why does this happen? Anyone know?