Paladin Transmog

Ok, so I’m trying to find a different work around to go with the Paladin T2 Judgement Legplates & the Conqueror’s Aegis Tunic seems to line up perfectly there with the pants. The yellow in the front matches & the red in the back line up.

Not sure if I am gonna go with this set as I am still trying to see if I can get the rest from BWL. Oh well. I’m trying to find a good look that is unique to me. =)

Warrior Transmog

So this is what I would like for my Warrior to look like for another Transmog outift.

Yeah, it is the recolored T2 Paladin set, however, the Shoulders & the hands are 2 special pieces of gear that you are not able to get anymore.

Yes, that is the Blessed Shoulders & hands from the Pre-Wrath Event. The event when the Scourge invaded Azeroth.

Blessed Gauntlets of Undead Slaying

Blessed Spaulders of Undead Slaying

I really worked my butt off to get those on that Warrior. I only had enough currency to buy those 2 pieces of gear during that event. It was nice when I did get to do it, because I did that event with my hubby @kerrsplat & he was on his Holy Paladin Splat. Back then, that Warrior’s name was Melina when she was on Trollbane. Now since I transferred her over to Argent Dawn, I had to change her name to Zaella.

I didn’t have much time then either during that event. I was working about 30 hours or so a week as a Supervisor in a Movie Theatre, so my time to play WoW back then was far & few, but I liked & still do like every minute that I get to play WoW with my husband.

Dorathea Paladin Transmog

So my Holy Paladin Dorathea finally got Hungerfen to drop the pants (Cassock of the Loyal) for this transmog.
I also finally got the Gloves Life Bearer’s Gauntlets to drop from the Fel Iron Box that you loot after killing the last boss in Heroic Hellfire Ramparts.

I’m still gonna try for the other pieces and besides, if they don’t drop that just means more cloth for my tailor to makes bags with to sell on the AH. =D

Elume Priest Transmog

Here is one Transmog set that I have put together for my Priest to wear. I think it fits for the season right now.

ChestMooncloth Robe – Tailoring 300 skill
ShouldersWings of the Avatar – Teir 5 Token – Void Reaver (The Eye)
BackCloak of the Everliving – Hellfire Ramparts (Heroic) – Watchkeeper Gargolmar
HandsGloves of Saintly Blessings – Karazhan – Attumen the Huntsman
StaffStaff of Divine Infusion – World Drop

The head piece is only in the last picture all the way to the right.
HeadArchmage Headpiece – World Drop

This is what Elume, my Disc/Holy Priest is wearing right now in game.

(Sorry for how the picture looks. It was my first time combining pictures like this using a photo editing program new to me. My husband did help with instructions. He teaches this type of stuff to his students.)