Hit & Abyss Ep 069: Escalation (Group 1)

Hit & Abyss LogoThe party returns to Skel’Var to find that sea based monster attacks have been on the rise.

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Hit & Abyss Ep 068: Customs (Group 2)

Hit & Abyss LogoThe party makes contact with the tritons, along with a certain bard played by Will from D8NightPodcast.com.

#DnD #ActualPlay #Podcast

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Pack Tactics S3 Ep 22: Repair Crew

The kobolds have set out to repair a Moon Oppositional Optical Nuclear Blaster – Embedded Artillery Magazine.

That’s right: It’s a M.O.O.N. B.E.A.M..

#DnD #ActualPlay #Podcast

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