KOBOLDS IN SPACE! (A rules-light TTRPG about spacefaring chaos lizards!)

Kobolds in Space LogoAren’t you tired of high fantasy?

Don’t you ever just want to be a kobold in space?

I made a rules-light TTRPG! It’s about kobolds! They’re in space! You get to play as one and go on adventures to expand the Kobold Empire!

Exclamation points aside, I tried to have it be something with a lot of replay value and significant emphasis on creative storytelling over complex game mechanics. There are four stats (Chaos, Order, Body, and Brains) and every die roll is done with one or two standard six sided dice.

Don’t want to waste time making characters or planning adventures? Ellie made a frikkin adventure generator for this game already! Every time you reload the page it gives you a new group of kobolds, a ship, equipment, a quest, and whatever things intend to get in your way.

It’s “Pay-What-You-Want,” even if what you want to pay is nothing! Check it out!

A lot of friends helped out, including Chris, Cindy, Ellie, Io, Jen, and Will! If you’ve been following what we do here, those names will likely be familiar to you. If not, follow those links or check out our Cast Page for relevant information.

koboldthulu grabbing spaceshipsI have plans to expand the content as well. Not more rules (rule bloat is what turned me off of MtG long before the cards became so expensive) but more Adversaries (that’s what the game calls the antagonists) and equipment, at least to start.

And if you really like KOBOLDS IN SPACE!, perhaps consider signing up for the Patreon for as little as $2 US per month? Proceeds have been going towards paying Jen and Ellie for the writing they’ve done on here. Click the links to see what they’ve done!