My Sims Lack Social Skills

I’m new to the Sims series, and picked up Sims 4 when it was being offered for free. It is a game that I’d been curious about for a while. My assumption was that I could create some Sims, build them a place to live, and watch what happens. I thought it would be like watching one of those cheesy TV shows where celebrities have to live in the same house and figure out how to get along with each other.

Unfortunately, it turned out that my Sims lack social skills. If left to their own devices, I’m certain they would either starve, die of loneliness, or (as one did) die in a fire. My Sims desperately needed help learning how to interact with other people.

My first Sim died in a fire while trying to cook himself dinner while angry. I learned that deceased Sims can be memorialized with a gravestone marker. That seemed kind of nice, so I put the gravestone out behind the house that Sim once lived in.

The new Sim I created to live in the house (that I had to renovate due to fire damage) found the gravestone. He would drop whatever he was doing and sob uncontrollably. The new Sim had never met the first Sim! Eventually, I had to take away the gravestone so my new Sim could move on.

Once he stopped crying, this Sim was able to start making friends. His first friend was a little girl who wanted to talk about coffee. I’m not sure if she wanted him to buy her a coffee, or if another Sim had already done that.

My other Sim made a friend with a woman who liked video games. With help, I was able to get my Sim to invite her friend to the library. The two of them stood outside it for a while and talked about video games. The conversation ended in a super awkward hug.

The thing I dislike the most about Sims 4 is that the Sims have a tendency to avoid stopping an activity in order to go use the bathroom. The player has to remind them to go, and point them towards the nearest bathroom.

The same Sims are quite able to get up in the morning, get dressed, cook themselves breakfast, and get to work on time on a regular basis. There is a cognitive disconnect here that I haven’t been able to unravel.

How to Play a Zealot Without Starting the Crusades

When I created Gox, my barbarian Kobold, a fellow player suggested that I take Path of the Zealot. This turned out to be an excellent idea, because it is so much fun to play! The best thing about it is that your character doesn’t necessarily have to be a fanatical partisan who is anxious to smite all those who follow other gods.

The first thing to do is find a god that feels right for your character. Gox started out following a god he barely knew anything about. He may have thought it was the god his clan followed. He was bigger than most Kobolds, and believed that this meant he was supposed to protect the weak. The god he was following didn’t quite match up with Gox’s ideals.

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Play Your Favorite Superhero Without Making a Copy

Mutants & Masterminds gives players the opportunity to play as a superhero – complete with all the fancy powers and abilities. It can be very tempting to just make a copy of your favorite superhero and play as them. It is much more fun to consider your favorite as a starting point and build your character from there.

My favorite superhero is Kamala Khan (the current Ms. Marvel). I’m fairly new to Mutants & Masterminds, and with help, learned that what I wanted to play was a Shapeshifter. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) became Emily Johnson (Dr. Stretch).

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I Free, I Fly!

This short story is written from the point of view of the Steam Mephit that I played in a one-off Dungeons & Dragons session. Players chose a CR1 (or lower) monster or NPC to play.

Nasty, tall, being comes to poke at me again with a very skinny dagger. I threaten nasty being’s life in both Aquan and Ignan, but thems ignore. I has an ouchie, and I sleeps.

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Be Careful How You Use Friends

There are times when life would be easier if you had the ability to turn an enemy into a friend. In Dungeons & Dragons, the way to make temporary friends is to use the Friends cantrip. My Kobold Sorcerer, Meepo, has tried to use it in battle.

Be careful when using Friends. It is always a gamble. If it works, the player who cast it temporarily gains a very devoted friend (whom they can attempt to manipulate). But if it fails, the caster can become the target of an extremely angry enemy.

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