DnDBeyond’s Digital Dice Make Gaming More Inclusive

D n D Beyond Dice RollerD&D Beyond recently introduced Digital Dice. Players can access the dice directly from their character sheet. The digital dice are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to use a bot in Discord to make a roll for them. They are also good for when you are playing D&D at night, and don’t want physical dice rolling to bother your roommates or family members.

Advantage roll totalFor me, the best part of the digital dice is that it accommodates my dyslexia. I have, over the years, figured out ways to work around my issues with spelling and language. Numbers, however, continue to perplex me. No matter what I try, I just can’t make the math work in my head.

Digital Dice make things easier for people like me. For example, let’s say Ownka, my half-orc cleric, wants to cast Mass Healing Word at Level 5. The character sheet says 3d4+3 and has a little heart symbol next to it (indicating this spell heals).

Withblue 20 sided dice one button click, Digital Dice rolls three d4 die across my character sheet. At the bottom, it adds up all the numbers for me. At a glance, I can see that Ownka just gave her party members 11 hit points back.

When my kobold Path of the Berserker barbarian Zax wants to hit an enemy with their Hammer of Thunderbolts, the damage area on their character sheet says 2d6+8 and has a little icon that indicates this action can cause bludgeoning damage.

When I clicked that box, Digital Dice rolled two d6 for me, and added up the totals with Zax’s bonus included. Just like that, I know Zax did 16 bludgeoning damage to whatever was making them angry.

Another really cool thing about Digital Dice is that the come in different colors. Those who were in the alpha test have access to “Old School”, a white die with black numbers. This one is my favorite because I find it easiest to read numbers (or letters) that are in dark print on a light background.