I Free, I Fly!

This short story is written from the point of view of the Steam Mephit that I played in a one-off Dungeons & Dragons session. Players chose a CR1 (or lower) monster or NPC to play.

Nasty, tall, being comes to poke at me again with a very skinny dagger. I threaten nasty being’s life in both Aquan and Ignan, but thems ignore. I has an ouchie, and I sleeps.

Waking while room is shaking. Cage falls. Crash-boom-crack! Nasty being is gone away, leaving skinny daggers behind. What’s this? Small crack in side of cage! I wiggle and squish through. I free! I fly.

Itsy bitsy fast being zooms around, grabs pokey, skinny daggers. Jumps into armored being by door. Larger being is fighting other armored being. I look for other Mephits, but only me. Thems not Mephits, so I don’t care.

Big heavy door is open! Wish to fly out, but metal beings are hitty. So, I do a Blur.

Metal being, infested by zoomy being, loses pieces. No can hit me now! I fly away from room of cages and ouchies.

Long skinny room, with no windows. Metal being chases. I fly up so thems no can reach. Big door at end of skinny room closed. Flap into high corner, waits for not-Mephits. Sees other metal being lose pieces, too.

Getting tired. Needs a rest. Zoomy being boing-boing-boing on the best perch. I lands. FLING! How zoomy being fly with no wings?

Larger being now has big dagger. Fights with metal beings. No can open door while fighting! So, I breathes a steam at metal beings head-space. Other metal being, with pieces missing comes, and I move. Boom! Big hole in door now. I fit! I fly.

New room is round. Has connected parts that go up, a little higher, a little higher. Thems other beings try to climb. Are slow. I has wings, and I fly up, fast-fast. Freedom is above!

Pieces that look like Nasty being fall. So do whole Nasty beings. I dodge, dodge, dodge. Thems not Mephits, so I don’t care. What’s this? Big, angry, flappy creature screams. Is in way, so I scratch thems eyes, and flick the goo off my talons. Flight path is clear.

Is at the top! Very big flat room with no walls. Way too much happening here, with fires, and shiny rocks, and fighting. I look, but them’s not Mephits. So, I don’t care. Flapping faster over edge of flat room, away from all of thems. I fly, I free!