Circulus Ep 23: The Skull Is Lava! (Part 1) (Video)

Circulus is a homebrew D&D 5e campaign setting.

In this episode the party face their toughest challenges yet: Obstacles that cannot be defeated using combat!

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Audio Version: Circulus_Ep_23: The Skull Is Lava!


▶Akari: Vex’Sarin, Half-Elf Ranger
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▶Jen: Meepo Chippedclaw, Kobold Sorcerer
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▶Tom: Panqarim Darkstone, Deep Gnome Barbarian
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▶Syn: Obaim Metalcaster, Dwarf Cleric
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▶Logan: Fenix, Dragonborn Paladin

▶Matt: Aristobulous Ravenscroft, Human Wizard

▶Crash: DM
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