Pathfinder Crashbang

I’ve scored the opportunity to join a Pathfinder game, so naturally I rolled up a gnome fighter named Crashbang Gearcrunch.

Why not a paladin, you might ask? Well, he WANTS to be a paladin, but his personality tends to make the clerics and paladins of multiple faiths much more interested in sending him to OTHER churches. He’s essentially a hot potato.

He also has zero ranks in Knowledge: Religion, so he tends to invoke deities that no one’s ever heard of before. Naturally none of the ones he calls upon exist in the game world, so nothing happens when he calls upon them other than a fellow player chuckling or facepalming. Both are good.

My favorites that aren’t just in-jokes are:

  • Arthur, God of Sufficiently Advanced Technology,
  • Deedee, Goddess of Less than helpful Lab Assistants,
  • Geordi, God of Large Power Sources and Literature, and
  • Ginsburg, Goddess of Justice

But I have a whole “pantheon” laid out in a spreadsheet ready to use whenever I have the opportunity to make a pop culture reference.

Bonus image: an in-progress version of the above picture: