Cause & Effect Ep 05: Serenade

The party decides to rest before hiking the last 5 the Singing Monolith, but will they be able to take an UNINTERRUPTED rest? (No.)

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Cause & Effect Ep 04: Lost in the Static

Our party faces a bird-thing, then encounters The Train.

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Cause & Effect Ep 03: Pact Tactics

What happens a warlock meets their patron thousands of years before the patron becomes a god? Cavil finds out today.

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D&D One-Shot: Farewell to Old Enemies

Someone comes to say goodbye to Vex and Meepo … and to deliver a warning.

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Pack Tactics S4 Ep 03: Branching Out

The party ventures further into the cave demanding surrender and/or murder, depending on which kobold is yelling.

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