Wrong Way Dragon

This happened about a week or so ago. It was weird when it did happen, but here it is. A small glitch of when the hubby (in dragon form) was running around like a goof & I clicked to jump on & this is how she ended up sitting for the entire flight to the quest mobs for the Klaxxi.

Kun-Lai Summit

I do love to go exploring in WoW & I can actually go to places in this new expansion that only some flying can get you to a lot easier.
A lot of the mountains in Kun-Lai Summit are actually able to be climbed. Yeah, this has meant that I have gotten some weird looks or even some /spits on from other toons because I wasn’t level 90, but getting an herb at the top of a very large mountain with steep cliffs.

a the mountain in Kun-Lai where you talk to Lorewalker Cho & you fight off a small mob group, there is a small pathway, very small, that leads up the side of the hill next to you. If you follow that up to the top, you will find this.

There are other statues like this in other zones as well. They are an interesting read into the Lore of the Pandaren.