It’s often interesting on how when I tell my new laptop to take a screen shot & I get a bunch that look normal like you would see in game & then suddenly I see a random pic of the same thing that comes out like this.  

  I think it’s rather neat on this this one turned out.  =)

 Here is a picture of one of my Guild Leader’s on Trollbane “Darknessbolt” along with my Warlock “Quinlan” whom I’ve had for 4 years now & she’s still in her 20’s.  

  She popped Hero & put on her Gnomergan Suite from the Pre-Cata events.  I just laughed at “The Darkness”.  =)

  I really like that mount too & that is why they got on that mount & popped Hero so they could be bigger then me.  

 (btw, I know Darkness & so do not want to reveal them that much, but they are a really cool person to hang out with & Darkness is the reason why Zaella (who used to be Melina on Trollbane but is now Zaella on Argent Dawn in HoL guild for the ATA show’s guild Alliance side) has so many BC Raids done.  Darkness liked having my company as well as I did.)  =)