The Floor Is Void

Ok now.  These are pictures from WoW in Old Town & I’m not sure how my Mac does this, but I sometimes get pictures like this when I am taking screen caps.  It’s kind of neat to see these & yet disturbing at the same time as I am wondering how the heck I got these shots when I took 15 of them & 2 turned out like this.  O.o

  Here is a picture from when “Heroes of Lordaeron” went into Molten Core & got the guild achievement for killing Ragnaros.  Yeah it’s a side view but I wanted for everyone to see the whole gang including the Elemental (Jateek’s) that helped us.  =)

  The second picture is a front shot.  Sorry I didn’t crop the image or resize it, but I’m in a tad bit of a rush today.