I tamed Arash-ethis, the White Wind Serpent from Feralas, Kalimdor in WoW.  I named her “Lisa” after one of my Best Friends whom I went to High School with & also the same Children’s Hospital with.  =)  

  As I told everyone in the guild this “I named my White wind serpent Lisa.  A bright white angel flying besides me at all times.  I actually named "Lisa” because I did lose a friend named Lisa.  She was smart, brillant & cunning.  She thought the world of me as well as I did of her.“

  I had found out from her Mom after Lisa had passed away that Lisa really looked up to me as to I could do so much more then she could.  I told her Mom that I looked up to her because she was so smart & brillant & she was always there when I needed her to talk to.  She was smarter then I was & I was so thankful to have known her.  =)

  Well, Lisa was a journalist at the High school news paper & she always wrote great articles.  She would have been an excellent journalist if she hadn’t passed away from her C.F.  

  I do think of her often sometimes.  I miss my one best friend who was there for me in school & when I was in the hospital.  Whenever I needed to talk to her or she needed to talk to me, we were always there for each other, even tho’ I had such a busy schedule back then.  I was holding down 2 jobs Senior year, bowling for the High School Bowling team, Did States that year, & also bowled I don’t even remember how many nights or days a week towards the end of school, plus ended up every other week in the hospital for a fluid stay, ugh.

  I’ve been lvling with Lisa the whole time since I got her.  She is my angel besides me, guarding my Hunter Life at all times.

  When I logged out last this morning she was lvl 57!  Woot!  Almost to Outlands!!  I’ve been lvling so fast with this hunter without heirlooms & only guild perks, I can’t even believe how fast I am lvling her!  =D

  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post.  =)

If someone ever says there is no such thing as a High Elf Mage-Priest, they need to look a bit hard when in Culling of Stratholm Dungeon.  As you can see, my Warrior is standing between 3 of them just outside of Stratholm where Arthas has his speech & Jaina says “No” to helping him.

  If you ever wonder how much work goes into WoW, just stare & watch the sky at night. 

  These screen shots show the night sky while I was standing in Stormwind on my Mage.  The clouds slowly come rolling in the left side & there might even be a few twinkling stars.

  Detail can sometimes be a key in the eyes of the beholder but often it takes just a little time for even the smallest of people to notice the great details.