Sit And Think

A simple place in STV for anyone to see, yet I’m gonna miss this spot.  It was a place where I would often go to sit & just think about what I wanted to do with my girl back then, since my help was very limited.

Even now that she’s 80, people still don’t understand why she’s not equipped with the best gear for her.  My WoW point of view is still at fresh eyes even tho’ I’ve been playing since 2007.

Some people may ask, “How can your eyes still be fresh at the game while playing so many years in it?” & all I can say is, “Many a sick day & nights & no sleep, & some days at the beginning I did have a JOB & was working, but am now unemployed due to health issues, so I’m on disability & on Oxygen 24/7 (yet atm I’m slowly weening myself off of it FINALLY!), PLUS I only recently started to feel much better, get more sleep, & finally get health wise & Chemistry wise back to a normal self or somewhat normal for me.”

I would also tell them that I HAD tried to get into raids & such stuff like that, but when someone REQUIRES you to offer a 5.8k gearscore & I’m lucky if my Warrior has 4.8k gearscore, they won’t take me in, so how do I get the better gear, how do I get the visual fight experience along with ventrilo advice from others while doing the fights, & how do I even get the better gear while doing randoms if people who are so called Elitists either leave the random or vote kick me EVEN if I let the group know at the beginning of the run that YEAH, my laptop has LAG/Latency issues & I hate to tell them that it’s a wireless connection issue with my laptop model that is known by the manufacturer or at least I think I remember Kerrsplat telling me something like that, so I’m even unsure about that info.

I would watch youtube videos of fights & such in my spare time, but I forget how the fights go after a while.  I’d have to watch the freakin video at least 100 times or more, but I know if I do a fight on my toon, I actually remember better what I NEED to do.  It’s my own learning problem & I know about it, but others don’t wanna hear it, so it seems.  I remember direct interaction in game better than video interaction from another persons point of view in game if that makes sense.

Well, anyways, I do have more to say on this subject, but maybe later sometime.  I do have more to the gear argument & why my toons don’t have it & such, but meh.  Not gonna say anymore in this post.