Badlands to Loch Modan

  Ok, so the next part of our tour of Azeroth had us go from the Badlands to Loch Modan.  We made our way to the Dam there in Loch Modan so we could take a group photo once again.  =)

  The view is so pretty from up there & it just always makes me smile.  I had spent countless days up there on various toons just looking down from the waterfalls there out across the land to just sometimes think about things in life & in game.

  We then made our way back to IronForge.  When we got to the entrance to IronForge, we all dismounted & walked inside all the way to King Magni’s chambers.  Once inside we all knelt down & then 1 by 1 we went up to King Magni, Saluted, hugged him & then walked back down to our appropriate spots.  “Medros” then said a few words for the “Heroes of Lordaeron” to King Magni.  (sorry, I didn’t take a screen shot of that.  I missed it.  My bad.)

  I’m not sure if it’s my new Mac or if I’m just to darn fast at hitting the keys, lol, but I must admit, those screen shots do look nice to me.  =)

  Well, after all of this we each went our own separate ways once again.

  I had planned on saying goodbye to Cairne on my Tauren Druid, but when I got to Thunder Bluff, there was an Elemental Invasion going on.  My poor little druid is only lvl 12 (dinged by killing things on the road there from the starting area) & those Elementals hit like a MAC trucks on a lvl 80 yet alone a lvl 12 druid, Resto or not, 1 shot & Dead Tauren in their wake.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to say goodbye to him.  The thing about saying goodbye to someone whom is fighting Elementals with his people at the same time, just sounds bad.  I’m not a soothsayer, lol.  Just a Druid who can Heal!  =)

 Anyways, I hope you do enjoy this world tour we did of around Old World Azeroth.  =)

  I didn’t cry last night.  It might have been that I was too tired atm, but when I woke up this AM, I had some tears.  I know there is a lot I will miss & some stuff that I might not like, just like real life itself, but I will learn to adapt & have fun with my friends, family, & any other people I just happen to group with along the way.

  Well, Good luck, have Fun & enjoy the new game that the Shattering from Deathwing’s Entrance has brought upon us.  =)

Pet Wish List

I can’t help but think that these would make some awesome cool in-game pets, & YES, I know the earth Elemental is one already & the Fire WAS one at one time, but they could come out with a different set of them, like they have done in the past with some other in-game pets.  =)  Think of all the different cats & rabbits in game & all the different Dragonhawk Hatchlings & Moths.

My Breaded Chicken Recipe!

My Breaded Chicken Recipe


Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blends

1 tsp.        Original  (yellow lid)

¾ tsp.     Extra Spicy  (red lid)

¼ tsp.     Tomato Basil Garlic Herb  (dark red lid)

¼ tsp.     Garlic & Herb  (light Blue lid)

½ tsp.     Table Blend  (dark green lid)

¼ tsp.     Italian Medley  (light green lid)

¼ tsp.     Onion & Herb (Poultry)  (purple lid)

¼ tsp.     Lemon Pepper  (Orange lid)

Mix all of the Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blends together in a Custard Cup.

Take ½ tsp. of all that mixed Mrs. Dash seasonings and put it into the Egg mix bowl.

¼ cup  Flour for the breading mix and put that into a bowl.

take ¼ tsp. of that flour (from the breading mix bowl) and put it into the Egg Mix bowl.

2 cups   of Seasoned (Italian Style) Bread Crumbs

½ cup  of Plain Bread Crumbs

Mix the flour, and the bread crumbs together until they turn into a lighter color.

2 tsp.     Chicken Seasoning & Coating Mix in Breading mix

¼ tsp.  Chicken Seasoning & Coating Mix in Egg Mix bowl

½ tsp.  Onion Powder in the Egg Mix

¼ tsp.  Onion Powder in the Breading mix

½ tsp.  Chicken Seasoning in the Egg Mix

¾ tsp.  Chicken Seasoning in the Breading Mix

¼ tsp.  Poultry Seasoning (Pepper Mix) in the Egg Mix

¼ tsp.  Poultry Seasoning (Pepper Mix) in the Breading Mix

1 tsp.     Minced Onion in the Egg Mix

1 tsp.     Minced Onion in the Breading Mix

Mix all of the seasonings as per the above instructions.

5 Eggs are cracked and mixed into the egg mix bowl with the seasonings already in the bowl.  Mix all of it well so that everything comes off of the bottom of the bowl so that all of the seasonings are mixed in.

Now add in the Mrs. Dash Seasonings in the Bread Crumbs bowl.

¾ cup of Vegetable Oil to line the baking pan

(It should be at least ½ to 1 cm tall to line the pan)

Put the chicken in the egg mix first and then in the breading mix.  Repeat that step twice.  Then put the breaded chicken on the baking pan that is lined with the Vegetable Oil.


Bake in the Oven at 350˚ (degrees) for 45 minutes to 1 hour long or until you don’t see any pink meat.

This will be more than enough breading and egg mix for 8 chicken legs.