Tour of Gox’s Barbarian Dojo

Gox the Kobold Barbarian, by JenGox is a Zealot barbarian kobold that I played in the Pack Tactics campaign. After that, Gox decided to open a Barbarian Dojo. This blog post is from Gox’s point-of-view, explaining why he opened a Dojo, and giving the reader a tour.

Hi! I’m Gox. Welcome to my Barbarian Dojo! I’m a follower of Bahamut, and my understanding is that Bahamut wants us to protect the weak. One really great way to do that is to make the weak stronger. That’s what my Barbarian Dojo is for.

Let me show you around! This grassy area out here is used at night for training practice. Things like practicing battle stance, learning how to use different types of weapons, and some light sparring with a partner. There’s always a few clerics of Bahamut standing by, just in case someone gets hurt.

The Dojo was built with kobolds in mind, so you might have to duck after we go inside. The entryway is always kept clear, to make it easier for groups of excited kobolds to get in and out without trampling each other.

Gox the Kobold Barbarian, by RhysThe passageway to the left leads to the barracks. Every kobold gets their own bunk bed. I can’t take you in there right now, because kobolds sleep during the day. They’ll start waking up for breakfast when the sun starts going down.

The cafeteria is off to the right. It takes a lot of food to feed all these barbarians, so I’ve got some partnerships with local farms. They provide surplus food in exchange for protection from thieves, zombies, and the like. We have a rotating group of cooks that are sent here by a local cooking school. I hear they consider feeding this many barbarians to be an interesting challenge. Something to brag about.

Let’s go check out the armory. We’ve got pretty much anything a barbarian kobold would need, from weapons to armor. The dinged up stuff is for the newbies, to get them used to wearing armor and carrying a weapon. As they improve their skill, they get access to heavier stuff.

This hallway leads to a gymnasium, where one-one-one challenges can take place and barbarians can show off their skills. Crowds will gather on the bleachers to watch. The rule is a match cannot begin without at least two clerics present.

Over there is a huge bath area. Turns out, many barbarians don’t really care much about personal hygiene. Trust me, there are some things that not even prestidigitation can remove!  Turns out barbarians can be enticed to get into what looks like a swimming pool with soap bubbles.

Down here is a huge amphitheater that was made thanks to the efforts of spellcasters who can do mold earth and barbarians who can lift heavy stone. This is where I turn into an ogre, or worst dog, or a dragon, and fight ten to twenty barbarians. It’s a safe way for them to learn what to watch out for when fighting a particular creature.