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  • Dog In The Window?

    Dog In The Window?

    I’m fairly certain Socket thinks he’s a dog. He actively initiates games of fetch, and see this here? He’s at the window, waiting for me to come home.

  • Nervous Binx

    Nervous Binx

    Someone is not happy about her vet visit.

  • Still A Parrot

    Still A Parrot

    You can barely see her against that black background, but my shoulder is still Binx’s favorite place to be. Thank goodness for the sweater, because she holds on tight with those claws.

  • Powering Up With Technology 2016

    Powering Up With Technology 2016

    Had a lot of fun at PUWT this year, just like every year. Unlike previous years, they also gave us cookies.

  • Sibling Day

    Sibling Day

    Spent the day hanging out with my sisters in Harrisburg. There was some good food, but the company was better.

  • New Sweatshirt

    New Sweatshirt

    I don’t always take selfies in hospital bathrooms on New Year’s Eve, but when I do it’s because I want to say thank-you to one of my sisters for their Christmas present. There’s more gray in my beard than there used to be.