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  • New Camera

    New Camera

    As the title says, I have a new camera. An Olympus Stylus TG-870, to be precise. There are better cameras, but this one does what I need and its form factor lets me carry it everywhere, which right now is what I’m looking for in a camera. I already own a DSLR (An older Nikon […]

  • Experimentation & Failure

    Experimentation & Failure

    Taught a lesson on using light as part of your composition and embracing/experimenting with failure. These are my example photos.

  • I’m Colorful

    I’m Colorful

    Was helping the Drama department with set design today. I never feel more productive than when I end the day covered in paint.

  • Bad Day

    Bad Day

    Had nausea so bad that I went to the hospital for it. I’ve thrown up before, but never this much and never for so long. The same hospital where Kelli died. Got IV fluids and some anti-nausea medicine, then was sent home to cuddle the cats.

  • Late Night Kitty Cuddles

    Late Night Kitty Cuddles

    Just after 8pm counts as “late night” when you’re a teacher.

  • School Staff Christmas Party

    School Staff Christmas Party

    I am a right and jolly old elf.