Cat-Like Typing Detected

Peppermint Tea

Socket is less impressed with the fact that I grew the peppermint myself. I grew some catnip for him, but it isn’t the same.

New Glasses, Cat For Scale

The same frames I got last time were still available, so I got them. There is something different, if you look closely.


These aren’t my best photos but my cats almost never get along long enough for them to snuggle together like this so I needed to document it for posterity.

Like Brother Like Sister

Moved the soundboard and replaced it with a folded blanket. Cats approve.

Bad Day

Had nausea so bad that I went to the hospital for it. I’ve thrown up before, but never this much and never for so long. The same hospital where Kelli died. Got IV fluids and some anti-nausea medicine, then was sent home to cuddle the cats.