My coffee cup is a camera lens.

Today was a proud day for me as an educator. The guest speaker for our 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony was Bertram “BJ” Watson, Jr – a football player for Harvard and one of my first Media Arts students. (This was long enough ago that we didn’t even call it Media Arts back then, but we still made movies.) He was an incredible speaker, and what he had to say mirrored a lot of what I try to teach in my classroom. So naturally, the best…Continue Reading “BJ Watson”

As the title says, I have a new camera. An Olympus Stylus TG-870, to be precise. There are better cameras, but this one does what I need and its form factor lets me carry it everywhere, which right now is what I’m looking for in a camera. I already own a DSLR (An older Nikon D600, if memory serves), ┬ábut its size prohibits me from carrying it around all the time. It’s currently taking up space in my closet. Ideally my NEXT camera will have…Continue Reading “New Camera”