Bad Day

Had nausea so bad that I went to the hospital for it. I’ve thrown up before, but never this much and never for so long. The same hospital where Kelli died. Got IV fluids and some anti-nausea medicine, then was sent home to cuddle the cats.


This is the last picture I ever took of Kelli. She was admitted for abdominal pain and it was determined that she needed her gall bladder removed. The routine, non-invasive surgery couldn’t be done because of all the other surgeries Kelli’s had throughout her life, so they had to do the old school “giant cut …

New Sweatshirt

I don’t always take selfies in hospital bathrooms on New Year’s Eve, but when I do it’s because I want to say thank-you to one of my sisters for their Christmas present. There’s more gray in my beard than there used to be.

I’m Here

I’m here, because Kelli’s here. She’s not having a fun time.

Pepe The Bird

Kelli isn’t feeling well again, but having Pepe the bird from World of Warcraft to keep her company helped a little bit.

No Not Photograph This Sign

I can explain…