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  • Monopod Fix

    Monopod Fix

    My monopod has served me well for years, but it’s starting to break apart at the joints. Because I’m not about to go buy a new one, I’m using zip ties to hold it together and superglue to hold the zip ties from sliding off. (I tried just gluing it, but there isn’t enough surface…

  • I Heard You Like Cards…

    I Heard You Like Cards…

    My mom makes the best cards, and not just because of the cards she puts in them.

  • DIY Mason Jars, Part 2.

    DIY Mason Jars, Part 2.

    Kid tested, Socket approved. Tissue paper blocks the solar powered LED light too much, so I’ve switched to colored glass which works pretty well. And Socket only tried to knock it off the table once.

  • DIY Christmas Jars

    DIY Christmas Jars

    They contain solar powered LED lights, but I thought they needed some additional decoration so I broke out the oil-based sharpies. I’ll also be filling them with tissue paper and gift cards.

  • Film Canister Flash Drive

    Film Canister Flash Drive

    One of my awesome sisters made me a film canister flash drive. You’re allowed to be jealous.