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  • Smithsonian Trip

    Smithsonian Trip
  • Pocket Chip

    Pocket Chip

    I’m a sucker for tiny, inexpensive computers. Unfortunately this one broke within 24 hours and the company is long since out of business. It was fun while it lasted, but not fun enough to justify the cost.

  • My coffee cup is a camera lens.

    My coffee cup is a camera lens.

    It helps me focus.

  • New Toy!

    New Toy!

    It’s a 14 channel soundboard. We’re going to have some fun with this next year.

  • BJ Watson

    BJ Watson

    Today was a proud day for me as an educator. The guest speaker for our 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony was Bertram “BJ” Watson, Jr – a football player for Harvard and one of my first Media Arts students. (This was long enough ago that we didn’t even call it Media Arts back then, but we […]

  • Light Painting Test

    Light Painting Test

    Next week’s the last two days of school. Some teachers will be showing movies. I’ll be teaching light painting. After I took these I got the bugs worked out, but those photos have student faces in them so I won’t be posting them here. (I’m also amused that I’ll be teaching in a dark room, […]