Cloudi Bear

Thank you Lou for the name.  I did use it as you can see & I really like the white Bear pet, so you will probably see a lot of Cloudi.  =)  I’m also gonna get her the GhostSaber Cat pet too, so I will need a name for that.

My Hunter Anusia on Trollbane has that Ghostsaber Cat & I named it “Ghostly” so it’s not a good name.  I am looking for a different name for this cat when I get it, so suggestions are a good thing atm.   I am also gonna get that Saber Stalker in Darkshore, that lvl 13 hidden kitty.  She can tame him a little easier now.  =)  That one WILL be named “Rascals”, just like Anusia’s.  Rascals is my RL cat that is still alive, so it;s my way of having a part of her in the game.

Frankly, I don’t use Rascals on Anusia that much.  He’s too much of a Rogue Kitty for me.  Found that out in a BAD VC run.  Rascals went running off with everything turned off, on passive & told to stay & Rascals was Happy, yet still not listening to commands!?!?  O.O

Anyways, thoughts, suggestions?