Canaanton (A setting for the Fate RPG)

Game Name: Canaanton

Setting/Scale: Small, Modern Town (Canaanton, Pennsylvania, Pop 5,000) / Local


Current: Burglary Spree!
A significant number of homes have been robbed in the past few weeks. Each of the PCs have lost something valuable to them.

Impending: They Wake!
In addition to the mundane thefts, something powerful and ancient has also been stolen. Dark forces long forgotten have noticed.


1st Church of Canaan
Plan most local events, including “Canaan Day” every Spring.

Mike Jerubbaal
Owner of Median Trailer Park. “I don’t take checks, sorry.”

Cedric Gideon
Teaches astronomy at the local High School. Old as dirt.

Canaan Speedway
Former racetrack, last race was 5 years ago. For sale.

Canaan Memorial Library
Converted 200 year old 3 story mansion.

Russ Joash
Owner of Joash Auto Repair & Sales, “A Family Business.”

Mrs. Tolah
Owner of Canaan Correspondence Agency, a store that sells magazines, newspapers, and “special order items, delivered in a week or less.”

The Indian Tower
300 year old 2 story tower overlooking a cemetery, ostensibly built as a watchtower in case of Native American attacks. There is no documented evidence that any attacks ever occurred.



  • # of aspects: 5
  • # of phases: 3
  • Skill cap: Great (+4)
  • Skill pyramid or columns
  • Refresh rate: 3
  • # of initial stunts: 3
  • Stress types: Physical & Mental
  • Default # of stress boxes: 2
  • Default consequence slots: 2/4/6