Official D&D Character Sheets? Yes, please!

(I usually assume that if you’re into Dungeons & Dragons you already know about the cool things on their official website, but last I checked this was a little buried so I figured it was worth pointing out.)
In recent years, the good folk behind D&D have made a LOT of their material freely available. Turns out, this also includes 5th edition character sheets.

The neat thing about this article on their website is that it doesn’t JUST have blank, printable generic sheets. It also has a PDF with editable forms, which is great for people like me who have less than stellar handwriting, AS WELL AS pre-generated characters. Each character on the site also includes multiple levels, so if you need to quickly add an orc paladin to the party it doesn’t matter if it needs to be level 1 or level 10 – there’s a sheet ready for you.

Download them all here.